Improving the Pace of Life™

We believe pacemakers regulated by blood pressure will:

  • Change the treatment of high blood pressure.
  • Improve the treatment of the most common form of heart failure.
  • Enhance the quality of life for most patients with cardiac pacemakers.
  • Reduce the annual cost of healthcare in America by billions of dollars and more worldwide.

Based upon his observations of patients with Drug Resistant Hypertension and pacemakers,

Dr. Michael Burnam, Founder and CEO of BaroPace™, modeled human physiology using Ohm’s

Law of Electricity and discovered a missing link in the treatment of Drug Resistant Hypertension,

the critical importance of heart rate.

Ohm’s Law of Electricity applied to fluid flow
V = IR

Blood Pressure = (Cardiac Output) x (the Resistance to blood flow)

Cardiac Output = (Heart Rate) x (Stroke Volume, the amount of blood pumped with each heart beat)

Heart Rate (HR) falls with aging due to deterioration of the heart’s natural pacemaker. Blood Pressure (BP) is initially maintained by increasing Stroke Volume (SV). If SV can’t increase to compensate, BP is dependent on increasing Resistance (R), also known as peripheral resistance, the pathophysiologic hallmark of hypertensive disease.

The aging heart loses the ability to increase SV. Couple this with a falling HR, and R must increase. Increasing R creates a viscous cycle. The higher the R, the harder the heart must work to push blood against it. This leads to more thickening and stiffening of the heart muscle that eventually reduces SV further, and the heart fails. Based upon Dr. Michael Burnam’s theory and clinical data from more than two hundred patients, we believe that a falling HR is the missing link in the treatment of both drug resistant hypertension and the commonest form of heart failure.

Blood pressure is dynamic, not static. It can change from minute to minute due to exercise, emotion, temperature, eating, and even the time of day. Increasing the pacemaker’s resting heart rate is not enough. The answer is PressurePace™, the world’s first dynamic closed loop system that regulates a pacemaker in response to real-time blood pressure measurements.

Our Vision

A fundamental change in the worldwide pacemaker industry with:

  • More physiologic pacemaker regulation for the 200,000 pacemakers sold annually in the U.S. and 1 million worldwide.
  • Better quality of life for patients with pacemakers.
  • New treatments for DRH, and DRH with HFpEF, dramatic reductions in death, heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure, as well as a multibillion-dollar reduction in healthcare costs.
  • Expanded indications for cardiac pacemakers may significantly increase worldwide market share (five-fold based on preliminary data).
  • Introduction of Rate Modulation in 1984 by the world’s largest medical device manufacturer resulted in a one-year gain in pacemaker market share of $400 million.